About us

About Us

In the local business circle “Laksala” has been in foremost action for the last 125 years or more. “Laksala”, means sale of goods from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan goods were in the world market even before that, Dutch, Portuguese and English who ruled Ceylon (Sri Lanka was called Ceylon then) always found many Sri Lanka goods were in demand in Europe and elsewhere. Ivory, Coloured Gem Stones, Spices with aroma and Sculptures and Art works were among them. Spices were in variety Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cumin, Mustard, Chilies, Saffron, Ginger ect. These are used in Cooking preserving Meat and Fish. Bees Honey, Jaggary (hardened honey) were also uses in large quantities.

The customer must be aware of your product, service, your belongings or your needs; we come in there as the publisher. Once the interested party comes to you it is your responsibility to do the rest. Selling or purchasing has to be done with your needs and “Laksala”, does not bear any further interest on your advertisement. Authenticity, Genuinely, Validity, Workability, Value, Worthiness, Durability, Legitimacy, Indisputability, Dependability, Loyalty, Steadiness, Reliability, Significance, Performance, and Presentation, Recital and any unforeseen, problem or set back has to be borne by the publisher.

With all the facts above in mind we propose you to publish your Product, Service or your needs with us: We assure you that you will be pleased with us, but if you think that it is not up to your standard we are sorry and please, let us know your concern and we are willing to adapt, learn and correct our selves.

We are evolving and willing to learn, so join in your journey to success with us.