Customers safety

Customers’ safety

We are concerned about our customers’ safety and our site safety. We do not divulge any of the content that you tender to our site and we do not want you to copy any one else’s content in your advertisements, including Pictures, Drafts or any other matter that you may submit to our site.

We keep a sharp control over the identity of the sellers and the buyers.

If you make any selection from our site make sure that you are totally content with the Goods, Services or the Product that you may purchase or utilize. As we are unable to know each individual making any fraud or unauthorized matter: Please, be vigilant of any malpractice that could happen during your transaction.

We do not request for any Personnel details and do not give any passwords, secret codes to any individual. We do not request you to make any payments to any individual or company other than our payment gateway.

To safeguard you from any misuse

Your Phone numbers, Email addresses are always hidden unless they really need to contact you.

Even if you give your details we keep a track of the users before we let them browse our site.

If in case you found any person trying to disturb you or misuse the contact details please, keep us informed so that we can remove them coming back to our site.

If you are being cheated or played out by any person first you my notify the local Police authorities, while keeping us informed about the incident at your earliest.

Thank you